Hector Manuel Fernandez A.K.A Infinito NoLimits was born in Dominican Republic and raise in New York.He grew up listening to Hip Hop,Rap,Reggeaton,& all kinds of music,Music was and still is his passion.Growing up as a independent kid was hard because his pops didn't really do much for him and his mother lived in D.R but he always had his brother looking out.At the age of 16 he moved out his pops crib and rented a room in Brooklyn.He started working in a bodega and at the same time went to school and hustled in every ways that was possible to have his bills payed. School got him frustrated his job didn't let him concentrate it was a 9-5 doing hard labor and the freedom of not having parent's telling him what to do was leading him to do party's,cutting class,doing drugs with out worrying,and blowing money on material things,but the fun didn't last long,Around 18 he lost his jobs,crib,and girlfriend, because he didn't handle his responsibilities he became homeless but thanks to his brother his idol at this moment who took him in & helped him get his shit together. Around the age of 19 he wanted to finish school & concentrate on becoming a ghost writer since he was writing hooks & bars for many upcoming independent artists in the hood.He got the chance to work with many independent producers who were paying him low for writing albums,songs,and were promising him fake dreams so he got fed up and put that skill behind.Many conflicts came down the road so he didn't get to finish school.Music was always on his mind but he wasn't taking it serious since he had to work a full time job to take care his wife and new born child.The relationship between him and his wife didn't work out he suffered a lot trying to move on and get back on his feet's it even got to the point were he lost everything once again.He saw himself starting from square one but more depress and lost because with out his son around he felt empty since his x-wife moved to Texas. About the age of 23 he decided to put everything behind and focus on music his main passion.For a start he searched the net,bought some books,and,started studying basic mixing and mastering techniques,he also learned how to built a home recording studio and how to use many different software's like Fl Studio,Nuendos,and,Pro Tools.In the middle of 2007 he started saving money to built a home recording studio he wasn't making much at work so he had to hustle a bit and by the middle of 2008 he finally built his own music studio lab it was a cheap set up and simple nothing crazy but it got the job done. He started writing and recording a lot of tracks he even got the chance to work with "Noztra" who made history by been the first Dominican artist sing to Machete Music.He also recorded over 50 tracks many feats and solo joint's but they were never release or mixed there were many plans to drop mixtapes albums but it never happen he got hustle by people inside the music industry there were many lies and fake promises he lost a lot of money following his dreams.By 2009 he receives a message in myspace of a artist name" Maestro" saying he has many connections and he is whiling to help a artist who has real talent get up there by putting him in known upcoming mixtapes and also help the artist do collaboration's with known artist like himself and others. Little did Hector know that Maestro was sign to "White Lions" and was the man who played a huge part as a villain in "Daddy Yankee" Official movie" Talento De Barrio" he also produced records for "Tego Calderon","Voltio",and many others big artists.Hector decided to do business with Maestro but this time around he is more wise about the music industry and starts doing business with contract's this way there's no tricks or lies. It costed him a lot of money,hard work,and dedication to record about 6 tracks featuring Maestro,so from 2009 till 2011 they were on and off with business,Maestro felt his vibe and decided to help him out by putting him down with his team "Yek Records/Yek Family"- a independent official label own by Maestro.In 2012 maestro goes to New York from his tour in Chile to work with Hector A.K.A Infinito in his new music studio lab.Long story short maestro brings his other upcoming artist "Blaze" get's together with Infinito produces a killer beat and they worked on a crazy banger from beat to lyrics track is bananas. A week after they finish the track title "No Estamo Facil" they filmed the music video in Time Square New York,video comes out looking like one of those MTV music videos and is Maestro first video in New York City the birth of Hip Hop and what makes this video important is that Maestro is introducing Infinito as a artist on a professional level besides everything Infinito owns the video and track is also the first release single and music video for his upcoming mixtape "Sin Limites" under Yek Records.The mixtape will have 10 tracks produce by Maestro and feats with known stars in the music industry but that will be a surprise it will also deliver 5 music videos mixtape will also be heard in many places over seas and put in all the famous webpages including "" for free downloads. Now in days Infinito see's all his hard work payed off he when from a cheap lab to a professional music lab,from fake promises and connects to real promises and connects.He also preparing his own team "INFI MUSIC CORP." And has a nice supported girlfriend who has helped him since he started to take his passion more serious thanks to her his mind is more positive and believes in love once again. Mixtape promises to leave a lot to talk about and him to be in a whole new level and different ball game.Don't be fulled by the good part of the story at 27 years old this young man is still struggling working a 9-5 job going to school and putting in that extra work in the music studio basically working harder than ever for his child,team,and fam to be good in the future so if god permits after his mixtape releases his life will change for the better. If you are a independent person and could relate or if you simply support independent music or maybe would like to help a person like this out please [Like] his fan page and share it so others could [Like] it 2.We will appreciated.Thanks for reading Stay tune while this young Dominican expresses his feelings and show's his talent thru his music. "Never quick,never give up keep on trying when haters hate make them love you"- Infinito NoLimits.



Follow your heart & Trust No One!!!!

I love what i do Music is my life deal or no deal!!!

This is how i feel sometimes lol

This is how i feel sometimes lol